RSPCA Newcastle & North Northumberland Branch



The Newcastle and North Northumberland Branch is the most northern of the RSPCA Branches, covering an area from Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead to Berwick upon Tweed and the Scottish Border. The Newcastle and North Northumberland Branch has been caring for abandoned, abused and unowned injured animals since 1987. We support the Inspectorate by housing and rehoming animals that have been removed from unsuitable homes. This has been achieved over the years with the generous help, support and contributions of the local community.

Our branch is run by a committee of locally elected volunteers who are responsible for the management and administration of the branch's affairs.   

As a separately registered branch of the RSPCA we are responsible for raising funds locally to help animals in our area. We are run by local volunteers and raise money through fundraising events, donations and legacies.

We aim to promote responsible pet ownership through local microchipping and neutering campaigns. We can also help with welfare assistance costs for your pets.

We rehome both cats and dogs at this branch. Our animals are housed in private boarding establishments and foster homes and can be viewed by appointment. For more information about rehoming an animal from this branch please view the 'rehome a pet' page. Please note we only rehome animals that enter our care via the RSPCA Inspectors and do not have the facilities to rehome animals for the general public.

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