Our welfare clinic has been open since 1961 helping local animals in need. We continually fight to keep open this vital service, in 2019 we gave veterinary care to over 2500 animals.

Our branch is extremely fortunate in having these facilities which enable us to offer a clinic session for sick pets. These are available to all those people living in our area who are on benefits and would otherwise be unable to have their pets treated. It is serviced by Toll Barn Vets, North Walsham who is supported by our Clinic Manager, Lindsay, and an excellent team of volunteers.

All dogs and cats using the clinic services must be micro-chipped and should be neutered at the earliest opportunity to avoid unnecessary breeding and for health benefits.

If you are breeding for monetary gain or have repeated litters we will refuse to see you and you should attend a private vet. We can offer FREE micro chipping of your animals at this clinic when seeing the vet.

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