The Lancashire East Branch of the RSPCA was started in the early seventies. The Branch is controlled by a Branch Committee which consists of voluntary Trustees, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the branch.

Lancashire East Branch is one of over 170 RSPCA Branches in England and Wales that are individual charities, who operate independently from the National Society, whilst working within the framework of the National Society.

The Branch has an Animal Centre located at Altham, near Accrington. We rehome Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Ferrets and some Small animals.

The Animal Centre has a capacity to hold 69 dogs, 46 cats, 20 rabbits and 10 ferrets. Due to the large number of animals that need to be admitted we operate on a “waiting list” system for most of the year. Although a large proportion of the animals admitted come from the general public, many of the animals are brought in by Inspectors or AWO’s (Animal Welfare Officers).

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