The branch's main activity is re-homing, which includes 'rescuing' cats from homes where family circumstances have changed, and strays where a reasonable time has passed and effort been made to ensure that they are indeed a stray. We shall always try to help cats in need where we can, but we do not have the facilities to immediately rescue injured or distressed animals - these should either be taken to a vet or the SSPCA should be contacted (03000 999 999). The branch covers the West Lothian and West Edinburgh areas, specifically postcodes EH11-12, 14, 27-30, 47-49 and 52-55 (a map of this area and other useful local organisations is available here). 


Once in our care, all cats are treated with patience and understanding and to a standard that exceeds those laid out by Cats Protection. We foster the cats until suitable permanent homes are found and we never put a healthy cat to sleep. Some cats are fostered in pens, but most are in a single room or have the run of their foster homes.


We organise regular Family Rehoming Days (see Events page above) where you can see our charges. Most cats tolerate these occasions relatively well but they do not enjoy them and are not at their best. Once you are considering giving a second chance to a specific cat, they can be visited in their foster homes. Before rehoming any cat, we always perform a home visit to ensure that the adopter, home and surroundings are suitable. While we aim to help everyone possible, our cats are our priority and we will not re-home them anywhere unsuitable.

We also facilitate direct home to home adoptions.

We have no powers regarding cruelty or neglect. In these cases, please contact the SSPCA.

We do not provide vet treatment although we can offer discounts on microchipping and neutering. Occasionally, the branch may agree to help with the ongoing vet care costs of one of our cats in their new home.

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