What we do

If you live in any of the following post code areas, we can help you... and you can also help us! Our Branch is responsible for these areas of Birmingham and we assist the public with all kinds of advice with feline problems. If you love cats and have a little spare time, you could help with our work. Call us now for details!
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We find forever families for homeless cats and kittens

We help cats find new and loving homes for a great variety of reasons. Some have been abandoned, others have strayed. Many of our older cats have had to be given up by elderly owners moving to new accommodation where pets are not allowed. Some, especially kittens, come from homes where owners simply cannot cope with more pets. This underlines the importance of our on-going neutering and spaying campaign.

We try very hard to match a cat or kitten to a new home. Every prospective new owner receives a home visit by our Home Checker, who can give advice and allay any concerns while making sure that the potential new home will be just right for each individual cat.

All our cats and kittens are blood tested, fully vaccinated, flea and worm treated and micro-chipped. They also come with four weeks free PetPlan insurance. Adult cats are neutered or spayed.

To help with the costs of ensuring our cats are in tip-top condition, we charge a nominal fee of £65.00 for each cat we home.  Of course, this does not stop generous adoptors from making an additional donation to our funds if desired.

We can assist with the cost of neutering your cat or kitten

Assistance is available to cat owners living in the Branch’s area, who are in receipt of benefit payments, and in certain other circumstances. Please call the Helpline (0345 3711845) to find out whether we can help. It is as important for males to be neutered as females. All cats will be happier and much healthier after the operation and much more affectionate too!.

Participating owners will be responsible for the transport of their pet to and from their vet and for following their vet's instructions on care for the cat or kitten before and after the operation. The vouchers will cover only part of the full cost, they will not cover the whole cost of the neutering operation.

 ...and what we can't do …

Please remember, we are not an emergency service and if you see a cat in distress please take it to your nearest vet or contact local RSPCA or PDSA branches.

The South Birmingham Branch of Cats Protection does not have a central base.
 We are all adult volunteers who work from our own homes,therefore, we cannot take part in youth training schemes or offer work experience.

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