Cats Protection has been operating for over 90 years and in that time, we have become the UK’s largest feline welfare charity. Glasgow Adoption Centre has been open since 1993 so between our charity as a whole and our specific centre, there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion here.

Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of it’s needs.

So how are we going to achieve this and what is it we have been doing for nearly a century?

Cats are brought into our care for a variety of reasons. Whether they are stray, unwanted or their owners are unable to look after their beloved companions anymore, each one receives the same level of first class care.

Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are responsible for the welfare of each cat. Alongside daily feeding and cleaning routines (which with up to 220 cats at one time, is no small job) each cat is:

The team are also passionate about engaging with visitors to the centre & working with them to find the right cat for the right home. If you choose to adopt a cat from us, you will also be given tips and advice on how to look after your new companion by one of our expert cat carers. Even if you have owned a pet cat before, a little refresher can often be useful!

All of this is a very costly operation, with each cat costing on average £180, often more depending on circumstances. This is why we charge a £75 adoption fee (£110 for a pair), to help recover the costs of their care. As a charity, this also highlights how important your support is for us to continue our work. Support our work.

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