What we do
Atherton & Wigan Cats Protection is one of a network of over 250 volunteer run branches covering the UK.
We were founded in 1983. 

Our main objectives are:

• Homing: to find good homes for stray and unwanted cats and kittens
• Neutering: to support and encourage the neutering of cats
• Education: to improve people's understanding of cats and their care

Like every branch of Cats Protection, we work tirelessly to improve the wellbeing of cats and kittens. As well the charity's three key objectives we are active in many areas of cat welfare. Here are some of the ways in which we do this:

• We encourage neutering of all cats and kittens from 4 months old.
 We help with towards the cost of neutering for cat owners on a low income or who receive benefits, please check out our neutering page for further details.
• We facilitate the trapping and neutering of feral cats with our trap-neuter-return programme (currently restricted due to Covid)
 We offer an extensive range of leaflets on all aspects of cat care and ailments. These can also be downloaded here from our national website.
• We attend fundraising events throughout the year to raise the money to make all of the above possible. These are run by our dedicated branch volunteers.

We are not an emergency service, or a veterinary charity. For help with vet bills (other than neutering), please contact the PDSA, RSPCA or Blue Cross. In an emergency, please contact your nearest vet. To report the neglect, abuse or an injured stray cat, please contact the RSPCA national helpline on 03000 1234 999. 

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