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Yo-yo, female, 8 years old, no other cats or pets, outdoor access. This is the lovely yo-yo a beautiful tortoise shell girl who is 8 years old. She came into us due to her owner moving house and could no longer care for her. She has had to have a few teeth out but is coping really well with soft food. Yo-yo is a very quiet and such a loving cat who just loves curling up on your lap for a snooze. She can be quite shy at first and will hide away until she gets to know you but soon rubs round your legs when it comes to being fed. She has the quietest little meow and purrs loudly. She is much happier being the only cat in the house and would enjoy some outside space though she does enjoy being inside in the warm snuggled on a blanket. She would be a great companion for someone who is at home for most of the day as she loves company.

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