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Bull Terrier, Crossbreed | 2 years old


Willow is very sweet, but extremely nervous.  She knows nothing of the outside world.  She is happy and loving with people she knows, but she still lacks confidence with strangers.  She’s a real foodie and will do anything for a tasty treat – the way to Willow’s heart is definitely through her stomach!Willow is a lively, playful active girl, who loves to do zoomies all over the house!  She doesnt yet walk on lead but is getting there.  Her housetraining is coming along nicely.  She gets on very well with other dogs, and will definitely need a kind, confident doggy friend in her new home.  She can live with older children who respect her nervous nature.Willow had to be shaved right down due to severe matting – she looks like a little lion!  Her natural coat is very long and thick, so her future owner will need to be able to deal with this.  We’re teaching her to enjoy being gently brushed while her fur is still short, so that she wont be worried when it gets long again.If you’d like to offer Willow a home, please fill in the form below.  Homecheck and £225 adoption donation will apply, and you’ll need to be able to meet Willow in her foster home.WE HAVE SO MANY APPLICATIONS FOR WILLOW THAT WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW ONES – BUT THANKYOU FOR YOUR INTEREST

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  • 2

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  • Bull Terrier, Crossbreed

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Location Bournemouth

About a Bull Terrier

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  • 53 - 56 cm

  • 23 - 32 kgs

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  • 10 - 12 years

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