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Willow and Luna

Other | 3 years old


Willow (calico) and Luna (tabby)Two gorgeous 3 year olds. Both get on very well and have brought their foster family so much happiness and laughter.Willow is friendly, fluffy and is very vocal with a soft meow to let you know what she wants. She likes to greet people at the door and loves playing with string and sleeping in high places.Luna is a lap cat and loves a morning snuggle treating you with the loudest purr you might ever hear. She will give her sister kisses to try and trick her off the top spot of their climbing frame which is always funny to watch!Both need a home that is capable of lots of play with areas to climb and a sufficient outdoor area to run around. They need someone who is patient and kind and incredibly nurturing. No other pets, maybe children, age 10 plus. The girls have always been indoor cats, so we need them away from busy roads as they are not at all streetwise.

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