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Domestic Shorthair | 8 years old


Introducing dear Whiskas. This lovable little cat was rescued struggling to fend for himself in a garden, finding some shelter from the bitter cold, in a shed. This poor boy had been very let down and neglected, with some terrible tummy problems. His outlook was very bleak indeed for a while, and on more than one occasion receiving veterinary advice that it may be best to euthanise him. But his dedicated fosterer would not give up on him. Such an adorable little cat, with the most handsome whiskers, we think you will agree!. He would purr like a tractor as soon as she looked at him, kneading his little paws with joy, and she was determined to make sure he had the best chance of life, that he deserved. With a little time and TLC his tummy problem has vastly improved. His fosterer tells us his is the most soppy, affectionate cat she has ever known, and would melt anyone’s heart, with his adorable nature. We are pleased to say now with just a strict diet and his daily steroid medication (which is very cheap and easily mashed into his food), his tummy problem is under control, so it is at last time for this adorable little cat to find the forever home he has been dreaming of. If you could be that special person that could offer Whiskers a loving home, please get in touch. We know you will be rewarded a hundredfold with love and affection. Please note due to Covid 19, hands free homing requires us to deliver the cat, therefore we will only be able to rehome the cat within a 20 minute drive radius from her foster home in Harlow CM20 SJ 18/2

Additional details

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  • 8

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Black, White

Location Lea Valley, UK

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