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American Bulldog | 7 years old



Tyler is a seven-year-old, American Bulldog Cross. He's a big boy with an even bigger heart and adores spending time with his favourite people, receiving a fuss and relaxing in their company. However, beneath his bold appearance, is a sensitive side to his character. He is hoping to find understanding owners who can allow him to take life at his own pace.

Type of home needed

Tyler has endured a lot of uncertainties in his life and can be unsure of strangers, especially when they make sudden movements or unwelcoming gestures. He is also worried by people holding certain objects, for example a walking stick or an umbrella. He will need a room in the house where he can be shut away when visitors arrive, to feel 'safe', and his new family should support him in the continuation of his visitor program. Tyler is much more a fan of his people pals, so would best be suited to a home as the only dog. He cannot share his home with cats or small furry pets, and any family members or visitors must be over the age of 16. Due to his love of company, Tyler can often find 'alone time' unsettling. He'd like to find owners who can be home with him for most of the time. A multi-person household would be beneficial for this reason - as well as building up the times he is left alone gradually. It is essential that Tyler has a garden of his own at home.

More about me

Tyler will make a wonderful companion to owners who can dedicate lots of their time to him - including supporting him with his weight-loss journey & some additional training. In line with current government guidelines, we can open to the public through a limited, appointment-only basis. Please call us to register your interest in Tyler, and if it seems you could be a match, you may be invited to our centre for an appointment to meet him.


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  • 7

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  • American Bulldog

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Location Dogs Trust Shoreham Brighton Road Shoreham by Sea West Sussex BN43 5LT

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  • 56 - 69 cm

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