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Domestic Shorthair | 9 years old


Tweeks is an incredibly friendly 9yr old tabby boy. He soon settled with hisfosterer and was nuzzling his legs and arms with his head, He is very chilled andlikes to spend the majority of the day snoozing. He is very inquisitive but willlisten if told he should not do something.He likes to be stroked a certain way and has nipped his fosterer when he wasfirst placed with him, but we now know where he does not like to be stroked andcan pass this on. For this reason we think he should be homed without children,and also not with any other pets. He wants to be your one and only.Interested? Please contact us for a Home Visit:email: [email protected]:

Additional details

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  • Age :

  • 9

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • White, Tabby

Location Mid-Warwickshire, uk

About a Domestic Shorthair

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