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Domestic Shorthair | 11 years old


Timmy is a handsome, white, short-haired boy, estimated to be around 10 years old. He is a friendly, relaxed and loving cat looking for a new home due his previous owner being unable to care for him any longer. Timmy has somehow managed to lose quite a few of his teeth over his time but this does not affect his health or appetite in any way. Timmy has settled into his foster home quickly and is now looking for a new home with access to outdoors and a new family to snuggle up to. We feel that Timmy would be happy in a home with or without children and to be the only pet. Please contact us if you would like to offer Timmy the home he deserves.

Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 11

  • Breed :

  • Colour :

  • Domestic Shorthair

  • White

About a Domestic Shorthair

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