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Maltese | 8 years old



Sophie (aged 10), Bonnie (aged 9) and Buffy (aged 11), are adorable Maltese ladies on the lookout for a home as a trio. They are all equally endearing, but have their own unique personalities that seem to work well when together! Sophie has a calm and sweet character and takes most things in her stride! She loves to relax on the lap of her people pals and enjoy a gentle fuss. Sophie's other favourite pastimes include pottering about on her walks (while wrapped up warm in a jumper) and settling with a tasty chew.

Type of home needed

The trio can't wait for life after Dogs Trust, so that they can enjoy all the luxuries that a home has to offer. Somewhere quiet and peaceful, with a garden to sunbathe in would be perfect. Ultimately, they are looking for somewhere to spend their retirement years relaxing and enjoying each day as it comes. These ladies can share their home with teenagers over the age of 14 and will need to be the only dogs in their household. They are also unable to live with cats, but we are not yet sure how they will feel around other species. Their potential adopters should consider that they might need regular grooming and be willing to offer the extra TLC that comes with caring for O.A.P's (old age pooches), including attending to minor medical needs.

More about me

To apply to rehome these Maltese ladies, please click on the 'Come and Meet Me' button below. Before you apply, please consider the tier you are living in and any travel restrictions that apply, which may impact your rehoming procedure. We are only able to consider applicants who are based within an hour's drive to our rehoming centre - BN43 5LT.


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  • 8

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  • Maltese

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Location Dogs Trust Shoreham Brighton Road Shoreham by Sea West Sussex BN43 5LT

About a Maltese

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  • 20 - 25 cm

  • 2 - 3 kgs

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  • 15 - 18 years

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