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Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair | 2 years old


Shyla came into our care in December from a multicat household with kittens in tow. Alas only one of her kittens made it, probably due to Shlay being overbred, undernourished and very stressed. Once she had finished her nursing duties we moved her into an adult only foster home with no other pets and here she flourished! This is what her foster carers ahve to say about her:
"We've had Shyla for 3 weeks now and in that time she has come on leaps and bounds! She was a very scared kitty and spent a lot of the time hiding but is really starting to come out of her shell and show us her playful personality. Shyla loves to come for fusses and affection, and is quick to start purring. She'll happily curl up and fall asleep on a lap, as well as take herself off to a cosy box or dining chair to snooze in the day. Shyla is quite kitten-like in that she will happily enjoy several play sessions a day, both with and without you. She loves chasing her wand toy as well as batting soft toys about, and will do some entertaining acrobatics before dropping to the floor to 'kill' it! She has also been impressing us with some energetic zoomies recently!
There has been no hint of aggression or striking out, but she is wary of new noises and people entering the room and will still run to hide at times. It took her some time to venture upstairs in the house, but still spends most of her time now in the room she is familiar with (living/dining room). Whilst she quickly warmed to me (female foster carer) and a female friend (support bubble) who visited the house, she is still very wary of my male partner. However, she is slowly becoming more relaxed around him and has sat on his lap once or twice."
Originally Shyla was in a foster home with children but this did not suit her so we are looking for an adult only home that will remain adults only for her lifetime. She is a young girl, probably no more than 2 years old. She needs a home with people who have experience (as adults) with timid cats, who live a quiet life so she can settle in at her own pace and get used to the routine of your household. If you can Shyla the home she so desperately deserves then please send a completed application form to [email protected]  NB we can only rehome up to 45 mins away from M5 5NN.

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  • 2

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  • Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair

  • Tabby