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Domestic Shorthair | 0 years old


**SPECIAL HOME REQUIRED**Please read Shelby's story before applying.Stunning Shelby is only 9 months old and has led a traumatic life so far.She was originally brought off the internet at 12 weeks old and never handled sufficiently. At 7 months old she was surrendered into our foster care, terrified of everything.Shelby is beginning to trust humans in small doses & will do anything for chicken! she will now come out of her pen to take chicken from her foster Mum, but runs off. She will hiss at first if she's approached, but will allow a little fuss as long as she's got treats. She will purr, then dribble in delight, only on her terms.Shelby needs a very patient home that will give her the time she needs to develop her trust further, this will be a very slow process.Shelby will benefit from a household with another laid back cat, so she can follow in their pawprints to see people can be trusted. She is obsessed with the kittens in the next pen, sitting watching them play.A household with children and dogs, would NOT be suitable for Shelby.If you think you could give this young lady the loving life she totally deserves, please apply.

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  • 0

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Black, White

Location Wolverhampton Cats Protection, 71 Tempest Street, Wolverhampton WV2 1AA

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