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Domestic Shorthair | 5 years old


MEET SHELBY: At 5 years old, Shelby has come into our care as a stray. He has a microchip but finding his owner has been impossible. We are looking for a very special type of person for this lovely boy. Sadly, he has been tested positive for feline aids, so needs to be an indoor cat, or if allowed outside, it must be in a secure area. He has been suffering from an upper respiratory problem, similar to cat flu. He will need antibiotics from time to time when this flares up. We cannot predict what Shelby’s future holds but feel he deserves a loving caring home, where he can dole out his continual headbutts, and loving nature. He should be an only cat, as his respiratory issue, could be contagious. Our branch will take responsibility for his vet care, and, of course, we are always available for advice. If you think you can give a purrfect home to this gorgeous chap, contact us today!

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  • 5

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Tabby

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