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Domestic Shorthair | 10 years old


Seth is estimated to be 10 years old and is looking for a quiet indoor home adult only home with experienced, patient owner where he is the only cat.Seths previous owners moved out without their pets, a rescue collected the other pets but Seth was accidentally left behind. He lived outside for a number of years being fed by a neighbour. When he developed an abscess after a cat fight he was reported to and taken in by Cats Protection. Since Seth has been in care he’s been neutered, had several teeth removed and been vaccinated. He also had his blood tests which showed he was FIV positive. This means he will need to be an indoor cat, he can go outside but would need to be in an enclosed space like a catio where other cats can’t have access to him and he can’t get out. FIV doesn’t have any treatment and he should be able to lead a happy life. After not living in a house for a long time Seth will take a while to adjust, he does hiss if you move too quickly or approach him from height. Seth likes lots of hiding spots to help him feel safe and relaxed. He has been growing in confidence and spending more time out from his hiding spots everyday so with the right owner we hope this will continue.Seth likes a little game of rope and chasing a feather fishing rod. He loves dreamies and will even let you brush him while he’s snacking on them. He enjoys looking out the window watching the world go by and a bit of bird watching. He doesn’t mind his head being stroked but doesn’t seek out attention.Seth is slightly underweight but loves his food so should be getting to his target weight without any problems. He loves wet food with gravy and grazing on dry food at his leisure. Seth is litter trained and prefers an uncovered litter tray.He’s at the start of his new life which is a scary time for him so the new owner will need lots of patience.

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  • 10

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Tabby

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