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Crossbreed, Lurcher | 4 years old


All animals, like us, have individual needs and requirements. By matching these needs we optimise the chance of a successful adoption placement. To make it easier for you to see if your home environment is compatible with the animal you have selected we have bullet pointed Sebastian`s specific needs below. Please before beginning the application process for an animal from Southridge double check that the home you can offer meets Sebastain`s needs. We would like very much to be able to respond to every adoption application we receive however at the moment this is just not possible for us to do. Therefore, unless your application matches the required criteria we will not be able to email you back, similarly if we receive your application after the animal you are interested in has been reserved.

Please continue to monitor the animals we have up for adoption because one that is a perfect match for you and your home will hopefully become available soon.

Thank you very much for considering adopting one of our animals. We really appreciate your kindness and support.

Our gorgeous Sebastian is looking for a fresh start with a kind, caring and committed adult family. He needs a home where he can live as the only pet. He is adorable with people and loves playing with toys, going for walks and having a good back scratch. He adores water and enjoys splashing around in it when given a chance. Sebastian has not had a normal life, so his new owners need to be prepared to offer him some professional `one to one` training to help improve his socialisation skills around other dogs and settle into a new home & routine. His new owners have to be experienced dog owners and have a good understanding and knowledge of how to address complex behavioural traits.
Sebastian walks well on the lead, however he has not been socialised with other dogs, he will need help in this area as he is extremely strong and can be reactive when seeing other dogs. This is something that continuous training will help to manage. He needs a home with a decent sized, private, secure garden with at least 6 ft fencing where he can be allowed to have free time as he is not suitable to be off lead in a public place due to his high chase drive. Sebastian needs to be the only pet and deserves a life going forward being spoilt and having an owner devoted to him. He is not suitable to live with cats, dogs or small furries.
Please contact our Centre for further information about Sebastian. He is a true rescue dog, but one that needs an owner who is prepared to put in some work to help him adjust.
Amongst other things, some of the main criteria are:
-Large securely fenced garden or small holding, min fencing 6ft.
-Adult household.
-To be the only animal in the home.
-Owner to have experience of dog reactive behaviour.
-To attend `one to one` training.

Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 4

  • Breed :

  • Colour :

  • Crossbreed, Lurcher

  • Brindle

Location RSPCA, Packhorse Ln, Potters Bar, EN6 3LZ