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German Shepherd Dog | 8 years old


Saskia came into our care due to serious concerns for her welfare. On arrival, she was extremely underweight and had one of the worst skin infections we had seen in a very long time. All of her ribs and hips were visible and she was extremely weak. She was missing the majority of her fur and her skin was covered in thick scabs as well as open, weeping sores.

She began an intensive course of treatment including pain relief, antibiotics and daily medicated baths. She was weighed daily, and at one point was on six feeds a day to build up her weight. She is still receiving regular baths which will need to be continued in her new home but all of her other medication has since stopped and she is on a standard diet having gained an incredible 11kg since arriving. Her ears also need close monitoring in her new home and she would benefit from regular ear cleaning.

Once Saskia knows you she is extremely affectionate but she is still very unsure of new people and can be vocal towards them. She can also be vocal when passing other dogs but she is easily distracted with a treat or by telling her to sit and getting her attention. Saskia is still very giddy considering her age and she loves nothing more than playing in the paddling pool (or with the hose pipe!). She also enjoys running around the paddocks at the centre playing with her toys.

She is looking for an adult only home with an adopter who has extensive German Shepherd experience and can handle her confidently as she is strong on lead. Potential adopters need to live local to the animal centre as they would be required to meet Saskia multiple times to help gain her trust and build confidence.

Please note adopters must live within an hour of the animal centre.

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Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 8

  • Breed :

  • Colour :

  • German Shepherd Dog

  • Black, Tan

Location Division Ln, Blackpool, Lytham Saint Annes FY4 5EB

About a German Shepherd Dog

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  • Avg Height :

  • Avg Weight :

  • -

  • 56 - 66 cm

  • 23 - 41 kgs

  • Avg Life Span :

  • Breed Origin :

  • 10 - 13 years

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