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Siberian Husky, Crossbreed | 9 years old


**Please note we can only rehome within an hour of our centre due to the current covid restrictions. Homes will also need a back or side entrance into their garden**

This beautiful girl is called Sasha. She has a excitable personality and loves to bounce and run. She enjoys spending her time running off lead, especially with her doggy friends who she enjoys playing with, and loves to chase tennis balls. Sasha loves company from her carers, who she gets very excited to see, and is partial to having her belly rubbed. This happy girl responds well to training and loves it even more when she gets tasty treats.

Although she may be an older girl she still has plenty of energy and would really love a family who will play with her and give her plenty of fuss. Sasha is on long term pain releif called Metacam for her back legs, this is due to her age. She could happily live with sensible secondary school aged children and would need someone home a good part of the day. Sasha does enjoy spending time with the dogs here at the centre, but we feel she would be best suited as the only dog in the home to get all the attention. She would benefit from a home with a good size garden to run around in.

If you would like to adopt this lovely girl please fill in a perfect match form and send it to: [email protected] along with any supporting information.

Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 9

  • Breed :

  • Colour :

  • Siberian Husky, Crossbreed

  • White

Location Hartridge Farm Rd, Newport, NP18 2LL

About a Siberian Husky

  • Breed Type :

  • Avg Height :

  • Avg Weight :

  • -

  • 51 - 60 cm

  • 16 - 27 kgs

  • Avg Life Span :

  • Breed Origin :

  • 12 years

  • -