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Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair | 6 years old


Beautiful Saffy arrived with one of our inspectors following concerns for her welfare from a multi cat home. Saffy was a little shy on arrival, but has really started coming out of her shell and gaining in confidence day by day. She is becoming increasingly affectionate and will now even hop up onto your knee, though she doesn't always stay for long! Saffy has also started to play, which is great to see in a young cat, although she can get a bit giddy with the catnip! Saffy is a sweet natured cat, and at just around 10 months old she really needs a new home where she can feel safe and loved. 
Saffy would benefit from an experienced cat owner who could help her gain confidence once she arrives in her new home, as she may need a little time and patience to settle. She could possibly live with older children who were used to caring for cats, who would enjoy helping Saffy to learn how to play, but also give her time to herself for a catnap when she needed it. She could possibly live with a cat friendly dog, following a gradual introduction in her new home, as long as she had a safe area to retreat to should she need it. We feel Saffy would also benefit from a safe garden or outside area to explore once she is settled, so a home away from any busy roads. 
We would love to see Saffy in a new home as soon as possible, and if this could be with you, please contact us for a 'perfect match' form [email protected] or call 07973 952575 (Thurs - Sat).

Please note, due to covid-19 restrictions we are currently only able to rehome within an hour of our location. We are also rehoming under new remote procedures where a visit to meet your chosen cat may not be possible prior to adoption. Please contact us should you have any queries.

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  • 6

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  • Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair

  • White, Tortoiseshell

Location 200 Shields Rd, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1DU