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Domestic Shorthair | 1 years old


Rufus is a very sweet and affectionate black and white boy of approximately one year old. He is a pretty little chap with lovely green eyes, a shiny coat, and a gorgeous white bib. He can be shy and a tiny bit fearful when placed in new situations, but once he gets to know and trust you he is very friendly and outgoing. He likes to be brushed and he loves his food.Once you have gained his trust, Rufus loves a fuss and he is a huge purrer! He is very interested in what's going on around him and he likes to be with his human. He is very talkative and his miaows can sometimes be very loud and plaintive but he is quickly reassured when he hears you speak, and he will trot towards you for strokes. Rufus really loves to head-butt and nudge your hand - he is quite a "busy" little cat!This lovely little boy would like his forever home to be quiet, safe and relaxed and provide him with plenty of company and affection. We would like him to have access to the outdoors but only in a very safe area away from busy roads. He will need to be kept safely indoors for at least one month, to ensure that he is used to his new surroundings before venturing outside. Rufus was taken into our care as a stray, so we do not know his background - therefore, we would prefer to rehome him to a home without young children or other pets because we do not know how he will react to them. Rufus has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms and is available for adoption using our Hands-Free Homing procedures.

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  • 1

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Black, White

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