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Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair | 7 years old


Holly and Robin are looking for a very special home. Could you be their `Cat Guardians' and provide them with the security of a safe place to sleep, eat and freedom that they need? Robin is the older of the two and is a little braver than his friend Holly, Robin likes his food, whilst his body language suggests he is comfortable to take treats from you and will appear at feeding time, at the moment he doesn't tolerate any contact from people or initiate it. Holly is the polar opposite and cannot cope with being around people. She is very fearful and even after a few months, will disappear at feeding times and will choose to remain hidden whilst people are around. Holly won't tolerate any close proximity to people and will let you know with hisses and growls if you are too close to her. Ideally they would need a home where they are left to their own devices, cared for with a `no pressure' approach, given regular feeds to create routine and consistency and once settled, access to the outdoors.
Owners need to be prepared they may always want to be independent cats and choose outside rather than to be around people or if they choose to, however we want owners to be willing to accept interaction from them as and when, if they choose to do so. For this reason we are looking for a very specific experienced home. Someone that will have limited expectations of them, understand their needs and read their body language. Ideally, they will need a separate room that has direct outside access, or a converted shed/building where they can settle and later on have the choice to come in to the home if they decide to. We feel given their behaviours and history that Robin may want more interaction as he gains confidence, however given Hollys extreme behaviour she will most probably remain a cat that chooses to keep her distance from humans. We know this is a lot to ask and quite a difficult set up for some, so please do not feel disheartened if we think that they don't quite match their needs. If you do feel you have the perfect home please send a perfect match form to [email protected] Due to covid traveling restrictions we are looking for homes within close proximity to the centre

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  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 7

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  • Colour :

  • Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair

  • Black, White

Location Leybourne Animal Centre, 199 Castle Way, West Malling ME19 5HW