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Border Collie | 8 years old



Although he is 10 years old, Rafa is young at heart and is still an active collie who likes going on walks and playing with toys. He enjoys a gentle fuss from people he is familiar with, and when confident he will nudge you for more. Potential adopters should have experience of anxious dogs, as this sweet boy needs someone who can understand him. He can be a little worried when entering new environments, but when he's given space to explore, he can often settle himself. Rafa enjoys walking with other calm dogs, and is polite when greeting canine companions.

Type of home needed

Rafa is looking for a quiet female only household, as he is currently uncomfortable around men. He is a sweet boy who takes his time to build bonds with new people, therefore he will need adopters who can visit him multiple times at the centre. Rafa's new family will need to be at home with him for most of the time, as he doesn't enjoy being left alone. He cannot live with children under 18, dogs, cats or small animals. Rafa will need to live in a rural location, away from noise, and will need a decent-sized garden. Rafa already knows how to sit, paw and walk nicely on the lead- however he would benefit from a little extra training. But his love of snacks (especially cheese) will help with this, as he can learn through reward-based training.

More about me

Due to current restrictions, I can't go to my forever home just yet, but you can contact the rehoming centre to register your interest. When restrictions ease, and if we're a suitable match, you will be able to discuss me in more detail with my carers at the centre. Thank you so much for your interest in me!


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  • 8

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  • Border Collie

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Location Dogs Trust Snetterton North End Road Snetterton Norfolk NR16 2LD

About a Border Collie

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  • 46 - 56 cm

  • 14 - 20 kgs

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  • 12 - 16 years

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