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Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair | 10 years old


Sad looking Pyro was living rough, he was trapped and brought into care at the end of last year. He is around 10 years old.

Pyro is a scared cat who has likely not been treated well by humans. At some point in the past, he was shot by a bb gun and still has a pellet in his thigh. Despite this, Pyro does want to be friends, but he unsurprisingly has trust issues. He has built a relationship with some of his carers and meows to us when we call him. He accepts gentle fuss and will purr and knead his paws on his bed. However, he is easily spooked and will hiss and swipe in defence.

In December, Pyro had dental surgery to extract most of his teeth that were painful and rotten. Blood tests revealed problems with his liver. We have been giving him daily liver supplements and recent blood tests have shown an improvement but his condition is chronic.

We would like to find Pyro a loving and understanding home where he can relax without fear. He would be best suited to an experienced cat owner with no children. He could live in a home with other cats as long as introductions are carefully managed. Pyro will need to continue taking supplements to support liver function and will need blood tests to monitor his condition.

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  • Size :

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  • 10

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  • Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair

  • Ginger

Location RSPCA, Mill Cottage, Creaton Rd, Brixworth, Northampton, NN6 9BW