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Other | 8 years old


RESERVATION IN PROGRESS My name is Purdy and I am a gorgeous, fluffy, Persian type girl. I LOVE to play – especially with string or just a good ol’ shoe lace will do! I am also very nosey and like to explore and know what’s going on. I am a very friendly girl and when ever anyone comes into my pen, I will shoot out of my fort to come and say hello. As I’m a long-haired cat, I need to be groomed. I also need the normal daily care that any Persian type cat needs, in that I need some help keeping my eyes clean. So all I need is for someone to be able to wipe them with cotton wool and warm water for me. If you think you might have the right home for a beautiful girl like me please click on my Contact us about this cat tab

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  • 8

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  • Other

  • Grey, Blue

Location Newbury Adoption Centre Heatherpine Curridge Road Curridge Thatcham Berkshire RG18 9DH

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