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Border Collie | 5 years old



We are still taking interest in Pie; however, she does require multiple visits from potential adopters and due to current lockdown restrictions we are unable to undertake these visits at this time. To place an interest, please click on the 'Come and Meet Me' button.

Type of home needed

Pie is bound to catch your attention with her striking looks. Pie is a two and half year old Collie. She is searching for an owner who is keen for a challenge and is willing to help Pie become more relaxed in a home environment. Experience of the breed is a must as Pie will be requiring lots of training and understanding of the breed. It will be a very gradual process in regards to meeting potential owners, so this will require patience and commitment. Pie's home will need to be strictly adult only with minimal visitors, in a rural environment with private garden or land. She can then enjoy to run off-lead exercise safely with no access to strangers or other animals, as she is worried when meeting new people, dogs and other animals.

More about me

Pie is a very playful girl and loves nothing more than a game of tug of war, as well as a game of fetch. Pie will need to be the only pet in the home, but she would benefit from walking alongside a calm, quiet dog at a distance to build up her socialising. Owners will be guided by our trainers at the centre regarding this. Pie is undergoing a muzzle training program for use at the vets and intense handling and this will need to be continued once in a home. Pie has a ton of potential to improve greatly in the home with the right encouragement and reassurance. Pie's home will need to be within an hour's drive from the centre.


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  • 5

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  • Border Collie

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Location Dogs Trust Bridgend Court Colman Pen-Y-Fai Bridgend Mid Glamorgan CF31 4NG

About a Border Collie

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  • 46 - 56 cm

  • 14 - 20 kgs

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  • 12 - 16 years

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