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Labrador Retriever, Crossbreed | 2 years old



Make way for Ozzy, this big playful Labrador cross loves to run and play with his toys, he also loves a snuggle from his canine carers too. Ozzy isn't keen on other dogs or cats so will need to be the only pet in the home. He also must live in a home with children aged 16 or over this must include visiting children as well. We are looking for a very rural environment for Ozzy.

Type of home needed

Ozzy is looking for an understanding home and owners who will work closely with our behaviour team to understand his training needs as these will be ongoing. Ozzy will require quiet walking areas and someone who is around a large portion of the day to help him settle into his new home. Having previous experience of owning a dog is essential. Ozzy must also be walked on a lead and muzzle at all times due to his dog reactivity.

More about me

Ozzy is looking for a home with direct access to his own garden which should be secured with a 6ft fence. He can be worried around new people initially but warms up quickly if introduced carefully and when you have made friends you are a friend for life. He will make a fantastic addition to the right home.Ozzy is looking for a home within 1 hour of the centre.


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Additional details

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  • 2

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  • Labrador Retriever, Crossbreed

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Location Dogs Trust Glasgow 315 Hamilton Road Uddingston Glasgow G71 7SL

About a Labrador Retriever

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  • 55 - 62 cm

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  • 10 - 13 years

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