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Anatolian Shepherd Dog | 2 years old



We are still taking interest in Odie; however, he does require multiple visits from potential adopters and due to current lockdown restrictions, we are unable to undertake these visits at this time.

Type of home needed

Odie is a sensitive 1 year old Anatolian Shepherd cross. He is a big lad who will need some time to get to know you. He can get worried in new situations and will bark if unsure, but with slow handling and reassurance he does come around. Once he knows you, he is loyal and with some tasty treats, he is also eager to learn. Odie loves being off lead in the field and playing with some of his doggy friends, but his play at times an get rough and a little over the top. He could live with another dog already established in the home, but it would need to be of similar size and play style. He cannot live with cats. Odie is best suited to an adult only home with experience of bigger breeds, so that his training can be put into place using positive, reward based methods.

More about me

Odie can be strong on the lead and new owners will need to be able to manage this safely. He travels well in the car and loves to explore new places. He will need his own private, secure garden to run and play with his toys. Odie is looking for loving, committed owners who will give him time and space to settle. Multiple visits to the centre are required to get to know him and start building up that relationship.


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  • 2

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  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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Location Dogs Trust Bridgend Court Colman Pen-Y-Fai Bridgend Mid Glamorgan CF31 4NG

About a Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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  • 69 - 74 cm

  • 36 - 68 kgs

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  • 11 - 13 years

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