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Maple & Laurel

Other, Domestic Shorthair | 0 years old


Maple and Laurel are mother and daughter and would like to live an outdoor life with food and a warm and comfortable shed or barn in which to live.Mum Maple is tabby, approx 18 months old and cannot be handled. However, Laurel who is black and white and approx seven months old can be stroked although she is very shy. She also likes a game and loves being with her mum. They have been neutered and are ready to go to a safe outdoor home; somewhere secure where they can be enclosed initially will be needed while they get used to their new surroundings.Can you offer this lovely pair an 'outdoor' home? They are sure to repay your kindness with rodent control! Call us to find out more about them.

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  • Other, Domestic Shorthair

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