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Bull Terrier, Poodle (Miniature), Crossbreed, Jack Russell, Domestic Shorthair | 8 years old


PLEASE NOTE: due to the current lockdown and govenment travel guidelines, rehoming will be priorit to the Isle of Wight 

Maddie is a minature Poodle x Yorkie who came into the centre with her son Rocco. She is a very loving, affectionate girl, who loves nothing more then fusses from any new person she greets. She does like to snuggle up in her dog bed and can often be found cuddled next to Rocco

She is nervous around new dogs and will choose to avoid them. She will need her confidence building with new dogs, therefore interactions will need to be taken slowly.

Maddie and Rocco have a very strong bond, so we are looking for them to be rehomed together. 

Maddie and Rocco's ideal home would be with someone patient, who would be around the majority of the day. They could live with children 12+ and would need to be rehomed as the only dogs in the household. 

If Maddie and Rocco are the ideal dogs for you, please email [email protected] for an application form or if you have any questions about him.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only be contacted if your perfect match form has made it through in to our short list selection.

Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 8

  • Breed :

  • Colour :

  • Bull Terrier, Poodle (Miniature), Crossbreed, Jack Russell, Domestic Shorthair

  • Black, White, Tortoiseshell, Colourpoint, Chocolate

Location Animal Centre, Godshill, Ventnor PO38 3NA

About a Bull Terrier

  • Breed Type :

  • Avg Height :

  • Avg Weight :

  • -

  • 53 - 56 cm

  • 23 - 32 kgs

  • Avg Life Span :

  • Breed Origin :

  • 10 - 12 years

  • -