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Crossbreed, Lurcher | 5 years old



Lyle is a lovely lad who has a lot of potential in the right hands. He's 3 years old and although he's old enough to know better, he does still lack self-control! He's absolutely full of beans and always on the go so will need a lot of patience from his owners as he learns the ropes of home life. He'll need very dedicated people who have a good understanding of dog training and who are passionate about gradually bringing out Lyle's potential. He is extremely strong on lead so you must be able to confidently handle him out and about. He is a very intelligent dog and very willing to learn. His love of food really helps when doing training tasks with him. If you are looking for a smart boy who enjoys lots of interaction and will be a bit of an ongoing project, then Lyle is your boy!

Type of home needed

Lyle's new home will need to have no neighbouring dogs and in a generally low dog populated area. This is because he gets very worried by them and will bark if he sees them. He will need to be walked in quiet areas where he won't see many other dogs, but he travels fine so won't mind being driven to quiet walking areas. Although Lyle can be easily over-aroused and likes his interactions to be of a training style, as his bond with you grows, so will his affectionate side. We're finding that once he knows you really well he enjoys a good fuss! He'll need someone around all the time until he's settled, but we believe that once he's fully settled he should be fine on his own for short periods. He'll need to be the only pet in an adult only home with a very secure garden with at least 6ft fence.

More about me

I'm not able to meet you in person at the moment but I am still ready to find my forever home. Please get in touch for a chat with my handlers to register your interest. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, potential adopters MUST live less than a 1-hour-drive from the Leeds rehoming centre.


In these unprecedented circumstances, we're doing everything we can to continueour vital work caring for thousands of stray and abandoned dogs. If you'd liketo help, please make a donation. Your support means so much, now more than ever.

Additional details

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  • 5

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  • Crossbreed, Lurcher

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Location Dogs Trust Leeds Woodlands Farm York Road Leeds LS15 4NL