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Domestic Shorthair | 0 years old


Luna is a very handsome 14 year old boy who came into foster care in the middle of January after his owner became unwell. He is a beautiful boy and very affectionate. He loves to sit on laps and have his head smudged. He enjoys rolling around on the floor and showing us his belly! At the same time, Luna is quite a complex lad as although he loves to be around us, he can be very nervy and jumpy. When he first arrived, he switched from clambering for cuddles to hissing and swiping at feet. He is much more settled but he sometimes pounces out of fear, and other times it seems to be to try and get people to pet him! Luna also shows some agitation about being fed. We know little about his early life so we are unsure what the issues around food are but if he has to wait for food to be placed down, he can get very stressed. There are ways around this and we can talk ideas through with anyone interested in adopting this lovely boy.Luna is full of love and character. He is becoming more playful by the day and has lots of energy for chasing a tin foil ball (or Dreamies!) around the house and jumping up onto his cat shelving. He is also enjoying finding hiding places around the home and is able to relax much more now. Luna is doing well on a stomach sensitive diet as advised by the vet due to having tummy upsets when he arrived with us. He is generally fit and well although he arrived with several bald patches on his back, rear legs and tummy. The cause of this over-grooming is still under review with the vets but he has been treated with a flea allergic dermatitis sensitive flea treatment.Luna is a lovely boy who is very sensitive and needs lots of patience, calm and security. He would suit living in a quiet, adult-only home with an owner who has buckets of love to give and who also feels confident in managing the swipes and cat-titude! Luna is looking for a forever home with no other pets and with access to a secure garden.

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Tabby

Location Cats Protection Bristol and District, 272 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1JA

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