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Domestic Longhair | 10 years old


**EXPERIENCED HOME NEEDED**Lizzie is looking for a special home with people that have experience with more temperamental cats. Lizzie does struggle with new environments so will need owners that will be patient with her whilst she settles in. Lizzie can find new spaces very overwhelming and would need adopters with a spare room that she can settle in to before gradually exploring the rest of the house.Potential adopters will need to have a very hands off approach until a strong relationship has been built. She will be keen to come over and see you straight away but as she is worried of hands she can be quick to scratch. She does enjoy sitting on your lap but again touch will need to be kept to a minimum until she has built a trusting relationship.Lizzie will need access to the outdoors and having plenty of green space around should help with her anxiety. She can be quite territorial with other cats so would be looking for a home in a low cat populated area.If you have the patience and experience to help bring the lap cat out of Lizzie please apply today.

Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 10

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  • Colour :

  • Domestic Longhair

  • Black

Location Harrow Homing Centre, Unit 10, Whitefriars Trading Estate, Tudor Road, Harrow, HA3 5QB

About a Domestic Longhair

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