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Rottweiler, Crossbreed | 4 years old


Lilly is a 4 year old Rottweiler cross. She is a highly intelligent dog, who needs a special home with an experienced, sensible owner; ideally someone who has an active outdoor life and needs a dog to accompany them. She might also be suitable for scent work as she is not large, and learns fast. She came to us from the pound and we have had her about a year. She has been homed twice, and returned twice. Obviously we do not know what her life was like before she arrived at the pound, but we think maybe she was kept outside, or perhaps put outside at night and maybe sometimes during the day as she can be destructive when left. This is why we are looking for a home where she would be a companion dog.. She was very worried about getting into a car, but now with patience and perseverance, she travels quite happily. She was also extremely unsure about walking on a lead, and would suddenly stop and refuse to move, so it took time for her to appreciate that a walk was a “good thing”!Her training will be ongoing as she knew very little when she came to us and has obviously suffered setbacks being moved around. She is very affectionate and loves a fuss, but gets very excited with toys and balls, so play is limited and training games are best. And she has occasional mood swings which maybe to do with her previous life. She walks with our other dogs and is fine, but can react to strange dogs if they push into her, especially if they bark at her. Lilly settles well at night and has not been upset by fireworks.She is not suitable to be homed with children.

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  • 4

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  • Rottweiler, Crossbreed

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Location Helens House, 143 Magna Road, Canford Magna, Wimborne BH21 3AW

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  • 56 - 69 cm

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  • 8 - 10 years

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