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Harry – DAWG Dogs

- | 0 years old


Harry is a lovely dog.A young and active Collie who needs a good run everyday.He has met lots of other dogs while out and likes nothing more than a good game of chase with them.His recall is fantastic and he comes back to check where I am without being called.He has at the moment a lot of built up energy which needs to be run off over the next week or two.Not sure his recall would be so instant if there was a squirrel or bird to chase and I doubt he would be good with cats and he is not good with chickens.When on a walk if no other dogs to play with he will find a stick and toss it up in the air to catch and run after.Today he was very pleased because he found a long abandoned football to throw around and drop for me to kick for him.He is not used to traffic as previously he didn’t live in place where he encountered it, and it is all a bit much for him to take in at the moment.Cars move so fast …..He travels well in a car but is not keen on jumping into one although he is happy to be picked up and put in the back.Please follow the link to find out more about Harry, he is with DAWG NOT Waggy Tails.

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Location Helens House, 143 Magna Road, Canford Magna, Wimborne BH21 3AW