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Domestic Longhair | 3 years old


A word from Haadi's fosterer-"Been a pleasure looking after Haadi. Haadi is a friendly, adorable and fluffy cat. He loves to play and climb. He is not a lap cat however he loves company. He will follow you, lie near you, and will play and purr for attention. He likes being stroked and having a play in his tunnel. I reckon Haadi is looking forward to being outside to explore. He is a gorgeous cat and will be a wonderful addition to your home. He is a lovely cat"Haadi is looking a home with access to a garden! He would be suitable to live with sensible older children. Get in touch today if you have a suitable home!

Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 3

  • Breed :

  • Colour :

  • Domestic Longhair

  • Tabby

Location Harrow Homing Centre, Unit 10, Whitefriars Trading Estate, Tudor Road, Harrow, HA3 5QB

About a Domestic Longhair

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