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Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair | 3 years old


PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to rehome in and around the west midlands.  If you are interested in adopting please complete our online form:

Grayson is a young male we think approx 2-3 years old who came into our care as a stray with a very nasty wound on his head ( as shown in one of the videos below) It was a burst abscess from a fighting wound as he was an entire Tom who had clearly been fighting for females and territory and had not faired too well poor lad.

Grayson has now been neutered, microchipped, flea treated and wormed but has sadly tested positive for FIV which means he can no longer live a life where he free roams, and he is finding it a little frustrating not having his freedom, despite having a 3 bedroom house with an 18ft catio to enjoy in his foster home. For this reason we are looking for something bigger for him in terms of house size where the owner is prepared look at cat-proofing their garden for him, but we appreciate their is an expense involved with that, which we would try and make a small contribution to for the right home. A catio would be considered but it would need to be sizeable. He will need to be rehomed to a house which also has a front porch so that there is no risk of him escaping out the front door.

If you want to understand more about FIV then please read the link below which is very informative:

Grayson will be a little nervous at first in his new home and we would prefer an adult only household for him, as where he will need to be kept in, we feel its too much to expect young children to remember to be careful with the windows and doors at all times, and he is the sort of cat who would take advantage of that!

FIV cats often live long and happy lives as they are not exposed to the same dangers as free roaming cats, but they do need stimulation to make up for the fact they can’t go outdoors and hunt etc, so someone prepared to invest plenty of time playing with him and will be around for large parts of the day would be given preference.

The HUGE benefit of course is that you don’t get the same worries that having a normal roaming cat brings, so if you are a worrier you should definitely consider an FIV cat :-)

We realise there is a lot of ‘must haves’ for Grayson so if you think you have the purrfect home for him please do complete one of our adoption enquiry forms available on our contact page. Many thanks

Why I'm special

Grayson has been in our care since August and we are desperate to find the right home for him .

He sadly WOULD NOT be suitable for anyone living in a flat.

Grayson is FIV+ and cannot free roam so we are looking for a sizeable home for him with someone who is prepared to fully cat proof their full garden, so he gets he biggest and best indoor and outdoor space that we can find for him. 

He is quite a timid boy so we see him in a quiet adult only home who will be patient with him whilst he is settling in. Ideally a home which doesnt have too many comings and goings as he finds anything new quite a worry. 

However all that said once he is settled and happy he is a lovely boy, who loves to have your attention whether thats for playtime or fusses... 

We appreciate what we are looking for is a tall order but if you feel you have the purrfect home for him we would love to hear from you.

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  • 3

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  • Crossbreed, Domestic Shorthair

  • Grey, Tabby