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Beagle | 7 years old



Frank is an active 8 year old beagle with lots of energy. He loves playing fetch with tennis balls and playing scent games where he has to find his favourite thing - food! Frank has a fantastic sense of smell and is guided by his nose, so he would love a family who can take him on adventures and let him sniff about to his heart's content.

Type of home needed

Frank is looking for a calm, adult only home with minimal visitors. It would be a huge benefit if owners have experience with hound breed traits. Frank's new family will need to visit him multiple times and work with the centre's training and behaviour team to learn about his behaviour modification plan and how to implement this at home. Frank must be the only pet in the home. Once settled, owners can gradually build up leaving hours. Frank is strong on the lead and follows his nose everywhere - so he must stay on lead unless in a secure enclosed area. For this reason, Frank will need direct access to his own private garden. As Frank will need visits to the home with our behaviour team, potential adopters must live within 45 minutes of the Canterbury Rehoming Centre.

More about me

*Due to current restrictions, I can't go to my forever home just yet, but you can contact the rehoming centre to register your interest. When restrictions ease, and if we're a suitable match, you will be able to discuss me in more detail with my carers at the centre. Thank you so much for your interest in me! * If Frank sounds like your perfect match please get in contact to express an interest. Please note if you rent your property you must be able to provide written permission from your landlord to keep a dog to complete the rehome process. Due to expected high levels of interest you will only hear back from us if we are able to proceed with your application. We will conduct a rehoming interview with successful applicants and home visit via video. Access to emails and video technology will be essential for this process.


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  • 7

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  • Beagle

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Location Dogs Trust Canterbury Radfall Road Chestfield Near Whitstable Kent CT5 3ER

About a Beagle

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  • 33 - 38 cm

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  • 13 - 16 years

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