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Domestic Shorthair | 5 years old


Meet Florence, a 5-year-old, tabby & white, short-haired female. Florence is a quiet and gentle lady who lived for many years as a stray. We believe she was neutered in a community neutering programme, as she has a clipped ear. Because of many years as a stray Florence is shy around new people. She does, however, like to make you think that she is a menace and will give you a little hiss and a dose of cat breath. But once you get your fingers behind those cute ears she becomes like putty in your hands and will soon start butting and padding with a very quiet purr. To begin with Florence will need to have a safe, secure, quiet room of her own. A room where she can have a separate area for food and water. For a litter tray placed as far away as possible from her food and water. For somewhere to hide, access to a high spot where she can view his surroundings, a suitable place to sleep or, ideally, a choice of them, a scratching post and a few cat toys and space for her to play. She will also need a Feliway diffuser in her room, as she will likely hide away for a few days when she goes to her new home.Although not completely happy with being picked up she will tolerate a cuddle. Florence is a particular lady and needs 2 litter trays in her home. One tray with wood chip and one with basic litter. Florence would be best suited to an older family with prior experience of shy cats. With no dogs or young children. We think she would fair best at the start as indoor at least for the first six months in order to build her confidence with her new owner and with her surroundings.Florence has been neutered, microchipped is fully vaccinated. Do you have the time and patience to allow Florence a chance to find love?

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  • 5

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • White, Tabby

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