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Rottweiler, Crossbreed | 12 years old



I am currently looking for my new family. To apply to rehome me please click on the 'Come and Meet Me' button below. Fletcher will need to meet his new family at the centre before going home. Due to current government guidelines we cannot make appointments for you to meet dogs at the centre but we can register your interest to meet them for when restrictions ease.

Type of home needed

Fletcher is a big lively and young lad who finds the world overwhelming so, is looking for a specific home that are committed to helping him build his confidence at his own pace. He shows behavioural traits of German Shepherd x Rottweiler breeds so previous experience of these breeds would be greatly beneficial. Previous experience of quirky rescue dogs would be ideal, so please tell us of any experience you may have of this in your application. Fletcher will need his new home to commit to multiple meets here at the centre before he can go home. He has now become a boisterous adolescent and does need owners that are able to use positive training to help get this boy on the right track in a home

More about me

11-month-old Fletcher is looking for an adult only home with a maximum of 2 people and few visitors as he finds it scary meeting new people. He is a clever boy and will need lots of mental stimulation through enrichment and training to keep him busy. He needs to be the only pet in the home and needs his owners to be around all day to begin with as he can get worried being left on his own. He is also looking for his own secure private garden to plod about during the day. With committed owners, in time Fletcher will grow into a well-rounded lad!


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Additional details

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  • 12

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  • Rottweiler, Crossbreed

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Location Dogs Trust Basildon Nevendon Road Wickford SS12 0FH

About a Rottweiler

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  • 56 - 69 cm

  • 34 - 50 kgs

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  • 8 - 10 years

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