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Chihuahua | 5 years old



To apply to rehome Flake please click the 'Come and meet me' button below. Applications will close when a suitable match has been found. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID RESTRICTIONS WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO CONSIDER APPLICATIONS WITHIN A 1 HOUR DRIVE FROM OUR CENTRE (WR11 7RT). Flake has a massive amount of potential to be a fantastic addition to the right new family, he just needs to be fully respected for all that he is. This charismatic little character is currently rather conflicted, and does struggle to show himself off in the best light more often than not. Flake does struggle to make new human friends, particularly if hands-on fuss is asked for too soon. He best learns to trust new people by playing with his favourite toys, and by being in their company without too many demands being placed on him. Although Flake does struggle to show his more fun and loving side in the early days, his family will be rewarded in the long-run by giving him lots of time and patience to fully settle.

Type of home needed

An area where Flake will not have to see many dogs out and about would suit him perfectly, and he would prefer not to have too many visitors to his home. He will be seeking a medium level of physical exercise once he is fully settled, but in the earliest days a safe, secure garden would be the best way for Flake to burn-off and excess energy. It will be crucial for Flake's family to have breed experience (evidence of this MUST be reflected in the rehoming application), as Flake is very typical of his breed in terms of loving the sound of his own voice. He is a very busy little dog who is happiest when having something to occupy his mind; plenty of fun but easy little brain games will be important here, as well as chances to explore the world in a safe way.

More about me

Flake is seeking an adult-only home where he can be the only pet and have all of his new family's attention. Flake's time left alone should be built-up gradually from a a couple of hours at a time and he should be given things to keep him occupied. Flake tries his best to be housetrained, but is not yet the biggest fan of travelling in the car. He will require a lot of dedication from his family in terms of gaining confidence around both people and other dogs- This will need to be taken at a slow and steady pace in a way that sets Flake up for success. Flake is not very comfortable with children and will need to be guaranteed that none will visit his home.


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  • Chihuahua

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Location Dogs Trust Evesham 89 Pitcher’s Hill Wickhamford Evesham WR11 7RT

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