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Feral Cats

Other | 3 years old


** Due to the current coronavirus situation, we are currently unable to carry-out any feral Trap Neuter & Return **We occasionally have cats that have been born outdoors in town or have lived on country properties and been partly socialised at places of work or by their 'owners'. Due to circumstances, theses cats sometimes need to be re-homed to a country location where they can live their lives outdoors as they have already been used to. If you are looking for barn cats/ mouser cats and have a secure large outbuilding where they can initially be homed, fed & watered so they can hopefully recognise their new home and food source, then we would like to have a small list of people that we have already visited and have as possible re-homers if needed.All feral cats are initially trapped so they can be: Examined by a vet; Blood tested for Fiv/FeLV; Neutered/ Spayed & Ear-tipped for ferals; Flea & Worm treated & given a vaccination.Please get in touch if you would like more information. Thank you.

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Location Aberdeen, UK

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