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Domestic Shorthair | 12 years old


Meet Felix!"This loving and gentle boy found himself having to be re-homed after his owner sadly passed away. He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism so came to me for foster care.After a few day of settling in, being reserved and sussing me out, his desire for a cuddle overcame any worries and within the first week he was coming over for head strokes and shortly after that plucked up his courage to jump onto my lap. Felix has a wonderfully loud purr and it’s a delight to have him come for cuddles and know he feels so contented. He will snuggle into your arms and you can relax to the sound of his purr. He also loves being groomed with a grooming mitt which brings on extra loud purrs. After a couple weeks he began to feel more at home. comfortable and secure and he will now come and find me if I am upstairs – especially if it is his meal time. He will lead me to his bowl and gives a running commentary of delightful little ‘chirrups’ as he goes - Felix does love his food !! Felix would love a special patient and loving owner who will allow him to come out of his shell at his own pace. After his time in care he really does deserve a lovely quiet home with no other pets or children and he would especially love a quiet garden to call his own and find sunbeams to snooze in. Of all the cats that I have fostered Felix is the most loving and cuddly boy I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my home with.... and I just adore his white whiskers ! "Felix has hyperthyroidism and this is controlled by medication which he is very good at taking in food!If you are interested in adopting Felix please do get in touch.Felix cannot be rehomed back to Bembridge. Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to home to the mainland at present.All CP cats come neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, health checked, microchipped and also come with 4 weeks free Pet Plan insurance.

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  • 12

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Black

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