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Domestic Longhair | 4 years old

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ERIC is a handsome long-haired tom, approx. 4 years old and originally a feral cat. He is now affectionate and friendly, once he gets to know you, and a real character. He loves his food and is prone to putting on weight so he needs his intake monitoring. Eric may also need an occasional trim, however he doesn't need grooming regularly. He has mainly lived outside in the stables as part of a group of cats but has also been inside and will use a litter tray and cat flap. The only reason we are sadly having to rehome him is that he doesn't fit in with our other cats and its making him and the other cats stressed. Eric would probably be best suited to a quiet environment where he is the only cat as he loves attention. He has always lived in rural areas so not used to traffic. We are hoping to find a home where someone has the time and patience to help him settle in, with plenty of love and attention.Please telephone 07887825590 to discuss any further details.

Additional details

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  • Age :

  • 4

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  • Colour :

  • Domestic Longhair

  • Black, White

Location 221 Hull Rd, Woodmansey, Beverley HU17 0TR

About a Domestic Longhair

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