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Boxer | 7 years old



Dottie is a gorgeous, vibrant boxer that is coming up to six years old. Dottie is dog social, but she is very worried about unfamiliar people and she needs to follow an introduction plan in order to get to know the new people in her life. Dottie has been rehomed and returned due to her behaviour around people she doesn't know, so because of this, we're looking for experienced dog owners who are looking for a bit of a project! Dottie has been working really hard with the training team and now she is ready to meet her new family and step out into the world. Dottie loves meeting dogs out and about, but she will need to be the only dog in the home. Dottie has got several health problems which she is on medication for, including hypothyroidism. New owners must be aware of ongoing vet bills and please contact us for more information - our centre vet will discuss her health issues with you.

Type of home needed

Dottie loves to play and absolutely adores cuddles and affection from her favourite people. She is looking for an adult only home, and any potential owners will have to commit to visiting the centre multiple times for a few weeks, in order to build a relationship with her before she goes home. We'd also like to do a few home visits with Dottie so that she can get herself more familiar with your home before she arrives there to stay, as she has been in kennels for quite a long time now. It takes a little while to be in Dottie's club, but it is so worth the time getting to know her. She's absolutely amazing; funny, playful and affectionate, and we all adore her. Due to the amount of visits needed, potential homes will need to be within an hours drive of the Leeds Rehoming Centre.

More about me

I'm not able to meet you in person at the moment but I'm still ready to find my new home. Please get in touch with our staff to register your interest. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions my new MUST be less than a 1-hour-drive from the Leeds rehoming centre.


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  • 7

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  • Boxer

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Location Dogs Trust Leeds Woodlands Farm York Road Leeds LS15 4NL

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  • 55 - 64 cm

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