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Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua | 7 years old


Introducing Sir Didymus – Didy to his friends!Didy is a super loving crazy little bundle of fun.  He loves a lap snuggle and enjoys a good walk – provided its not too wet or too cold that is!  The chihuahua in him doesnt do bad weather, and jumpers offend his manly ego!  He lives happily with a mixed pack of dogs.  He can be rather in-your-face with other dogs – he means no harm, just lacks manners!Didy is a complex little man – we have no idea what has happened in his past life, but if he is grabbed suddenly, scared, or attempts are made to force him to do something he doesnt want to – he will bite.  Its a quick snap to make you let go, but its still a bite and it hurts – particularly since his favourite target is the ends of your fingers.  For this reason, despite his affectionate character we will not consider homes with young children for Didy.Didy knows what he likes, and will point blank refuse to consider alternatives – he is raw fed, because any other food is refused.  Applicants must be willing to maintain him on his raw diet.  He does well on it, and its widely available – we’re happy to advise on this.If you have the right home to offer Didy, please fill in the form below – we’d love to hear from you.  Homecheck and £250 adoption donation will apply.

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  • 7

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  • Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua

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Location Bournemouth

About a Yorkshire Terrier

  • Breed Type :

  • Avg Height :

  • Avg Weight :

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  • 20 - 23 cm

  • 2 - 3 kgs

  • Avg Life Span :

  • Breed Origin :

  • 12 - 16 years

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