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Jack Russell | 8 years old



Dexter is a sweet, lively 10 year old gentleman who loves the company of people, particularly once he gets to know you. He will be a great companion for someone to go out walking with and then sit around with in the evening. He copes well with a routine so would suit a predictable home where the adopter is happy to work around his needs. He likes to say hallo to calm dogs but tends to avoid the bouncier ones. He isn't too fussed by toys and loves his food but does have allergies so is fed a specific diet.

Type of home needed

Dexter is looking for a single owner who has a house with secure gates where visitors and post are not coming to the front door (please note this is essential). Dexter has struggled in his previous homes with visitors knocking at the door - he can bark and if you walk towards the door, he can rush at your feet and nip. Therefore, these situations will need to be avoidable and we will also support you with a routine. The home will need to be a quieter home, with minimal visitors and no visiting children. He will also need his own secure garden and the home should be non open plan. Although Dexter likes to say hello to other dogs, we feel he should be the only dog in the home and he is frightened of cats, so no feline friends for him!

More about me

Please note, Dexter's new home will need to be within an hour from the centre. To apply for Dexter please click on the 'Come and meet me' button below. Applications will close when he has found a suitable match.


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  • 8

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  • Jack Russell

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Location Dogs Trust Manchester Parkway Denton Manchester M34 3SG

About a Jack Russell

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  • 25 – 38 cm

  • 6.4 – 8.2 kgs

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  • 13 – 16 years

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